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Fries and Smiles


Q: Can I dine in here?

A: No - This is a delivery and pick-up only location.


Q: Can I place an order inside the location?

A: Currently you can only place your order through one of the major delivery platforms.


Q: Why can’t I find some of the restaurants on all the delivery platforms?

A: Some restaurants are only on specific platforms. You may be also outside of the delivery radius for a particular platform. Please make sure your current location is set and you are typing the restaurant name correctly.


Q: What are your hours of operation?

A: Thurs-Mon 8AM-2AM, Tues-Wed 10AM-2AM


Q: What if I want to call over the phone to place an order?

A: Unfortunately, there is not an internal processing system just yet and are working only through the delivery platforms.